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W209 Nine-Axis Swiss CNC Lathe W209 Nine-Axis Swiss CNC Lathe
Product name : W209 Nine-Axis Swiss CNC Lathe
Product No. : 201772017175
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W209 Introduction

1.Imported NSK bearings, TKH linear screw, high progress, long usage life.
2.Freely choice of non guide sleeve and fixed guide sleeve, save materials and get high income.
3.Oil cooled electric spindle for main and auxiliary spindle, without dead angle cooling under high speed. Much more uniform cooling and more powerful than ordinary air cooling.
4.Absolute CNC operation, no need return home when on and off, could saving time and labor.
5.Two rows of tools installed independently in opposite direction , could machine at the same time (milling and turning ,drilling and milling and so on), to save time doubled and increase efficiency.
6.Auxiliary spindle could choose boring tool handle, could be changed for the power head, easy to achieve.
7.24 hours workings, high efficiency and saving labor.
8.After the parts are molded, that is discharged by the auxiliary spindle and the conveyor belt automatically.  

W209 Specification

  Main Spindle part Comparison between Traditional Swiss CNC Lathe and Nine - Axis Swiss CNC Lathe.

The traditional Swiss CNC Lathe’ main spindle part only have Z axis for main spindle moving and tool post’s X axis and Y axis.  In the machining process, only one tool can touch the workpiece, changing tools processing also wastes time.

Nine-Axis Swiss CNC Lathe’s main spindle part have double Z axes, double X axes and double Y axes. They are: Z1 axis and No. 2 tool post’s Z3 axis for main spindle moving; No.1 tool post’s X1 axis and Y1 axis; No.2 tool post’s independent X3 axis and Y3 axis.  In the machining process, at the same time multiple tools contact could save time and get high efficiency.

Multiple Tool Posts Overlap Operation


Standard Nine-Axis Swiss CNC Lathe inside structure

Subsidiary spindle advantages

The subsidiary spindle tool post adopts plug-in hole, supports end face power head replacing side face power head, inside diameter tools replacing outside diameter tools. According to the needs of the products, reasonable arrangement of the process, balance the main and subsidiary spindle processing time, to improve overall processing efficiency.

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